Recruitment process

How the recruitment process works?

Typical recruitment process is time consuming and expensive. It also requires involvement in many fields: HR department, experts that have to verify skills and hiring managers.

Why it is so worth to use QED Force platform?

Creating candidate profile

You can choose on our platform what particular kind of Data Science skills you want to assess to best fit your candidate, to your needs.

Job vacancy posting

You can choose the moment you want to send your candidates link to our platform - you can assess all of them, or only some kind of shortlist that is the best for your process.

Contact with selected candidates and interview

With our report you will get not only personalized report for each candidate, but also a comparison of task outcome of selected candidates.

You save your experts time

The skill verifying task is ready on the platform, and you will get exact same report that you can compare for all your candidates.

As an HR professional you do not need to have specitic Data Science skill by yourself yet still you can deliver real value to your Data Science hiring managers, and help them to hire the best talent on today fast paced and competitive market.

Now it’s time for candidate selection and hiring decision based on solid skill verification. That means you exactly know, that your new hire will be a perfect fit for the position.

QED Force means: reduces cost and time to hire, better accuracy in selecting candidates for specific tasks, a modern process that builds a positive candidate experience.