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Do you want to assess Data Science skills during recruitment processes or with your current employees? You can use our QED Force platform for:


  • Speed up the recruitment process
  • Perfectly match candidates to business needs
  • Personalized reports to identify candidate's strengths and areas for development


  • Provide current employees with the opportunity to assess their strengths and areas for development, enabling them to make effective developmental plans
  • Organize competitions for current employees or other target groups to solve business problems and foster community integration
  • Provide employees with a development support tool

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20 QED-Coins
1,000 PLN net

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100 QED-Coins
4,500 PLN net

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500 QED-Coins
20,000 PLN net

Flexible Package

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You can purchase any number of QED-Coins. The price of a single QED-coin is 60PLN net, and the more you buy, the lower the unit price is.

In all packages, we offer a dedicated webinar for your employees to demonstrate how intuitive it is to navigate the platform.
If you want us to design a personalized task for you or need additional support, please contact us.