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QED Force is a leading provider of innovative services designed to meet your business needs. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions, we aim to help organizations across various industries thrive and succeed in today's competitive data science landscape.

Why stay with us?

You are HR professional that want to deliver real value to your company

You need to recruit or develop Data Science professionals

You want to give a perfect short list of candidates to Data Science positions

You want to make your recruitment process faster and more accurate

How can we help?

We can help you to assess Data Science professionals skills in faster and better way you ever seen before. With our intuitive platform, you can do it whenever you want without any help. Just choose one of our flexible plans, and start right away.

Too many candidates with polished CV? To many specific topics related to Data Science that you cannot properly evaluate? Just use our platform and focus on what you can do best - on people. Let us assess your candidates, and help you pick the best ones on the market, making candidate experience even better.

Sample report

Download sample report and see how many informations about candidate you can get without any effort.
We want your Data Science recruitment process to be as easy as possible, and as juicy as it can be.

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